the colors of stones and vulcanoes,
taste of mediterranean sun
of passions


Gluten free


A poem of Flavours, far from daily stress


In the kitchen of Pozzo Spagnolo, the Chef Maurizio Staiano prepares the dishes of the salerno tradition and the best of Spanish cuisine.

mangiare a salerno
Housed in an old natural cave dating back to the 1600's,
the restaurant revisits the spaces and atmospheres
Where once stood the baths of the old convent is now The Well Spanish.


- SINCE 20120 -
A long history

The restaurant Il Pozzo Spagnolo is born after twenty years of experience of Chef Maurizio in the famous family restaurant.

A  mix od experience and high quality raw materials to  unique dishes; a true experience for the buds, the sight and the smell,
Kitchen is not eating, it is much, much more. Cooking is poetry.
(Heinz Beck)

Good food in salerno

A rustic restaurant within natural stones and an old well turned into a little cellar. The new area instead is modern, furnished with style and with a great view of the city . . . , this is our restaurant.

Traditional recipes to renew tastes, flavours and memories of our history

1/3, Via Fusandola - 84121 Salerno (SA) - Italy
Tel. +39 089 2753513 - E-mail:

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